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What Palazzetto Ardi is

It is the farm that belongs to Michela, Carlo and Bianca Flora. It is an oasis of biodiversity, recognized as organic for 23 years. The farm, which dates back to the end of the 15th century and was already the home of the Thiene family, is where wine grapes, vegetables, fruit, aromatic herbs, cereals are grown and farmyard animals, in particular laying hens, are raised.
The freshest farm raw materials are transformed in the cellar and in the kitchen or sold at farmers’ markets for the shared joy of an absolutely varied, seasonal and healthy cuisine. Everything that is not produced by the company comes from other agricultural realities with methods and ethics close to ours.

The great satisfaction for us at Palazzetto Ardi was to rescue this small part of our Venetian countryside from intensive agricultural use, this house, with so much history, from unproductive abandonment, and to suggest to local and foreign guests the consistency of a true luxury to enjoy with respect: CUSTODY OF AND GRATITUDE TO THE EARTH.



Michela Cariolaro

Michela Cariolaro

“I am Michela Cariolaro, born in Vicenza in 1964. I come from a hard-working, affectionate and encouraging family, to whom I owe a lot. My first classical and historical-artistic education, combined with decades of experience as a teacher, publicist and designer in the goldsmithing sector laid a foundation whose importance I still recognize today – when I made the decision at the age of 34 to make a drastic professional and life change with my husband – that extended beyond the specific agriculture and cooking courses I then attended. I have evolved in an ethical sense, but my personality has remained unchanged.

I have a taste for designing that starts from an idea and ends as a dream that becomes reality, in no matter what context. A precious and unique object, a home for my family, a farm that implements biodiversity, a recipe that invents or reinvents, a menu that is structured to satisfy the desires of a married couple with the best ingredients of the period, a course or a recreational activity that I could propose, a label or a logo that represents my products in a better way…I love delving deeper starting from what was, improving, experimenting, enhancing, communicating personally rather than via social media. Work with your head and hands. At Palazzetto Ardi I take care of the house and garden, of the often substantial details that bring comfort and well-being to my family and guests. And in the countryside, first and foremost, plant production, from the seeds to their care and harvesting: fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs and cereals which, from the land, pass through the kitchen where I work with Flora and arrive on the table or in the pantry in a thousand healthy seasonal variations.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t know how to set limits to my schedule, enthusiasm and gratitude! I’ll tell you a secret: in the kitchen I always start a day early, not to pre-bake, but to refresh the sourdough starter for the bread.”

“I am Bianca Flora Sitzia, and I was born in Vicenza in 2003. I been representing the second generation of Palazzetto Ardi since 2022, and I think I can say that I bring new energy, and younger and more dynamic ideas, to the company.

I finished my five-year higher education course at the Mario Rigoni Stern Hotel Institute, Asiago, in 2022. Having absorbed my parents’ twenty-year experience in the agricultural and agritourism sector, I enrich Palazzetto Ardi with my professional training in the catering sector and in social communication. I love to increase my culture and know-how by attending refresher and in-depth courses in both the agricultural and food and wine fields. In the company I like to take care of my animals, the garden, the herbarium and the vegetable garden. I find it extraordinary to learn something new every day from Nature and from the experience of my parents, which always emerges in both the countryside and the kitchen. I can confirm that it is very rewarding to do catering with the ingredients I produce: I understand that their freshness and the valorisation I can give by combining and presenting them in various ways are behind my success. I really enjoy offering our flagship products and small, great innovations at farmers’ markets, and providing information about our company to new customers whose curiosity and enthusiasm I can read in their faces.

Since I was a child I have always liked being in contact with Nature, exploring it, taking care of it and preserving it. This is why I chose to stay with the company! In my free time I like to take long walks in the mountains in the open air and listen to beautiful music.”

Bianca Flora Sitzia

Bianca Flora Sitzia

Carlo Sitzia

Carlo Sitzia

“I am Carlo Sitzia, born and raised in Vicenza, a stone’s throw from the Palladian Basilica where I managed the Osteria Torre Vecchia while studying at university.

Later I met Michela, with whom I shared a different life choice, more difficult but authentic: running an agricultural company conducted with organic certified natural criteria. I then evolved into a wine producer, gaining twenty years of experience in managing family vineyards and in winemaking. In the countryside I am the man of “hard work” and machines, a role that I like and in which I recognize myself.

For 23 years I have been involved in the agritourism management of Palazzetto Ardi, following reservations, reception and the Sala in particular. I speak fluent English and French. I make my knowledge and experience available to guests in the context of my great passions: wine, music and vintage bicycles. I am the company’s creative component for event planning and relationships with the public.”

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