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"Agriculture that respects the environment, the raw material and the final consumer".

All our artisanal and organic products: fresh bread, wine, jams, salts, vinegars, herbal liqueurs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, can be purchased at our facility every Saturday morning.


Discover the true taste of homemade bread! Every bite is a feast for the palate, an experience of authenticity and love for tradition. Our secret recipe, quality ingredients and artisanal attention make our bread unique and irresistible. With a golden, fragrant crust and a soft, tasty interior. Delight your table with the unmistakable scent of freshly baked bread.


“Savor the authentic harmony of nature with our natural wine. Grown with love and respect for the environment, every sip is a celebration of taste and sustainability. The fine grapes, grown without pesticides or chemicals, express the distinctive character of our terroir in every bottle. Let yourself be lulled by the soft and enveloping notes of a wine that embraces the earth and well-being. Discover the pleasure of an authentic, responsible and satisfying wine experience. Choose our natural wine and immerse yourself in a story of sustainability, tradition and unparalleled taste. Buy now and go on a journey towards the future of wine, in harmony with Nature.”

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

All our artisanal and organic products, from fresh bread, to wine, to vegetables can be purchased at our facility every Saturday morning.

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