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How to visit

Palazzetto Ardi offers its guests cultural itineraries focused on art, history, nature and food and wine to discover the beauties of the Veneto region from a sustainable and ecological perspective. The farmhouse, which is part of a house from the 1400s and surrounded by greenery, is located in a strategic position a stone’s throw from the major Venetian cities and the splendid naturalistic oases of Lessinia and the Berici Hills. You can use the nearby train station to reach the cities of Vicenza, Padua, Venice and Verona within an hour comfortably without having to use the car, and for the more sporty, a shuttle service is available at the company. Bike rental is an option, with the possibility of traveling independently equipped with informative material – paper maps or downloadable GPX files. For those who prefer to get to know new places with local people, local cultural, naturalistic and food and wine guides are always available to help you discover the most secret and interesting corners of the area.

What to visit


Gambellara is a hidden gem in the heart of the Veneto region, famous for its natural beauty and fascinating wine cellars. This location offers a unique experience for wine lovers and travelers seeking authenticity and tradition.

Explore the most famous wineries of Gambellara:

  • Az. Agr. La Biancara di Maule Angiolino e Alessandro
  • Az. Agr. Davide Vignato


Just 15 minutes by car from our facility you can find Caldiero, a town known above all for the Antiche Terme di Giunone. Enjoy a day of relaxation and well-being at this water park, equipped with both thermal pools for those who appreciate the properties of natural water and modern pools that entertain both adults and children.


With its picturesque vineyards and majestic medieval castle, Soave will welcome you in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Explore the cobbled streets, taste the renowned local wines and admire the breathtaking views that this Italian pearl has to offer. Soave is very famous for the wine that bears its name and for the Strada del Vino. The Soave Strada del Vino was founded in 1999 and today has around 130 members between wineries, bodies, associations and companies producing typical local products. It coordinates all its member companies within an ideal route of around 50 km, along which it is possible to admire the landscape, visit cellars, taste wine, taste typical dishes and come into contact with the hospitality of the people.


The Soave's wineries


-Visit to Soave Castle: Begin your visit by exploring the majestic Soave Castle. Admire the medieval architecture, imposing walls and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

-Walk in the historic center: Descend from the castle and immerse yourself in the charming cobbled streets of the historic center of Soave. Admire the ancient houses, the characteristic shops and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the village.


-Typical restaurant: Take a break for lunch in one of Soave’s typical restaurants. Taste the local cuisine and enjoy traditional dishes accompanied by an excellent local wine.


-Visit to the wineries: Soave is famous for its vineyards and fine wines. Take advantage of the afternoon to visit one of the local wineries and take a guided tour of the wine production process. Conclude with a tasting of typical wines, appreciating the richness of local flavors.

-Outdoor activities: If you love nature, you can take a walk through the vineyards along one of the routes of the Strada del Vino from which you can admire the surrounding hilly landscapes. A recommended route suitable for families is the Sentiero dei 10 Capitelli.


-Dinner: Treat yourself to a refined dinner in one of the high-quality restaurants in the historic center of the town. Delight your palate with delicious dishes and discover new flavors.

-Evening events: Check if there are evening events or cultural shows scheduled in Soave during your stay. You may have the opportunity to attend concerts, theater performances or cultural events that will make your evening even more special.


Vicenza is a fascinating city that offers rich history, culture and natural beauty. Piazza dei Signori is the heart of the city and is surrounded by historic buildings, including Palazzo della Ragione and the Vicenza Tower. It’s a great place to take a walk and admire the city’s architecture.

While in Piazza dei Signori, a visit to the Palladian Basilica, a masterpiece by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, is a must.

A few minutes walk from Piazza dei Signori you can find the Teatro Olimpico. This is the first masonry covered theater in the world and is another masterpiece designed by Andrea Palladio. The interior of the theater is an excellent example of Renaissance architecture.

Another point of interest is the Civic Museum of Vicenza. This museum houses a vast collection of works of art, historical objects and archaeological finds that tell the story of the city and the surrounding region.

The historic center of Vicenza also offers numerous boutiques, fashion and local craft shops where you can shop for unique souvenirs.

Vicenza is surrounded by picturesque hills notable for their natural beauty and vineyards: the Berici Hills. Here you can go hiking and taste local wines while enjoying the tranquility of the countryside.


Our dedicated packages

We are happy to offer our guests (unguided) bicycle tours to discover Palladio’s works. You can rent a bike from our facility, or an E-Bike from Palladian Routes, the business network of the owners of the Palladian Villas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ask for information during your accommodation with us to best organize your tour in the heart of the Palladian Lands.


Ville Palladiane


Verona is an enchanting destination that captures the heart of anyone who sets foot there. Famous for its multimillenial history, the city offers a fascinating mix of eras, which is reflected in its architecture, traditions and works of art.

Verona is best known as the place where the events of William Shakespeare’s famous work, “Romeo and Juliet” take place. Juliet’s romantic balcony is one of the most visited places in the world, attracting visitors from every corner of the planet.

But Verona is much more than a city of history and literature. With its historic center declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Verona boasts a wealth of historical and cultural sites. The majestic Arena of Verona, an ancient Roman amphitheater, is famous for hosting outdoor shows and concerts, creating a magical atmosphere during the warm summer evenings.

The city is crossed by the Adige River and offers splendid natural and hilly landscapes. Breathtaking views can be admired from Ponte Pietra and Castel San Pietro, which is located on the hill above the city.


-Arena di Verona: Start the day by visiting the Ancient Roman Amphitheatre, the largest and best preserved arena in Italy. Admire the majestic architecture and learn about the history of the performances that took place here in ancient times.

-Piazza delle Erbe and Torre dei Lamberti: Continue with a walk in the lively Piazza delle Erbe, the heart of the historic center. Admire the colorful buildings, the open-air market and climb the Torre dei Lamberti for a panoramic view of the city.


-Street food or local trattoria: Choose between street food, such as “bolliti” or “tramezzini”, or opt for a typical Veronese trattoria to have lunch with traditional dishes such as Amarone risotto or duck “bigoli” .


-Juliet’s House and Juliet’s Balcony: Dedicate the afternoon to the romantic Juliet’s House. Explore the courtyard, touch the statue of Juliet for luck in love and visit the famous balcony where the famous scenes of Shakespeare’s tragedy took place.

-Ponte Pietra and Teatro Romano: Cross the suggestive Ponte Pietra, one of the symbols of Verona, and visit the Teatro Romano, an ancient Roman theater located on the hills with splendid views of the city.


-Walk along the Adige river: Before dinner, take a pleasant walk along the banks of the Adige river. You will be able to enjoy an enchanting view of the sunset over the city.

-Dinner in the historic center: For dinner, choose one of the restaurants in the historic center and enjoy a relaxing dinner immersed in the magical atmosphere of Verona.


-Show at the Arena: If you visit Verona during the summer season, we strongly suggest attending one of the shows or concerts organized at the Verona Arena for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.


Venice is an open-air work of art, a fascinating network of canals, bridges, squares and buildings that enchant visitors of all ages.

Venice’s defining feature is its system of canals, which serve as the city’s main streets. Here, gondolas and vaporettos ply the waters, creating a romantic magical atmosphere. The Grand Canal, the main artery, is lined with sumptuous palaces and historic homes that bear witness to the ancient grandeur of the city.

Another undisputed symbol of Venice is Piazza San Marco, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Here, the Basilica di San Marco with its stunning Byzantine façade and the Campanile di San Marco dominate the skyline, while historic cafés, such as Caffè Florian, offer the opportunity to sip a coffee immersed in history.

The city is also famous for its artistic and cultural heritage. Museums such as the Accademia Gallery and the Doge’s Palace house priceless works of art, while events such as the Venice Biennale attract artists and creatives from all over the world.


-Piazza San Marco: Start the day in the spectacular Piazza San Marco, admiring the magnificent Basilica of San Marco and the suggestive Campanile.

-Palazzo Ducale: Visit the Palazzo Ducale, located right next to the Basilica. Explore the palace’s elaborate interiors, the Doge’s rooms, and admire works of art by famous artists.


-Rialto and the market: Take a walk to Rialto Bridge, the iconic bridge of Venice. Then head to the Rialto market, where you can buy fresh produce, fruit and souvenirs.

-Lunch in a bacaro: Stop in a typical Venetian “bacaro” to savor a selection of cicchetti, local appetizers, and a glass of local wine.


-Gondola ride: You can’t visit Venice without taking a gondola ride along the picturesque canals. Admire the fascinating buildings and bridges from a unique point of view.

-Murano Island: Take a vaporetto to reach the island of Murano, famous for its glass production. Visit a glass furnace and watch a glass blowing demonstration.

-Island of Burano: Continue towards the island of Burano, famous for its colorful houses and lace making tradition. Explore the colorful streets and enjoy the tranquility of the island.


-Dinner along the canals: Return to Venice and choose one of the restaurants overlooking the canals to enjoy a romantic dinner based on traditional Venetian dishes.


-Musical show: If you are in Venice during the Biennale season, consider attending a concert or musical show at one of the city’s theaters.

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